We are moving to an environment where tax becomes digital and CCH OneClick is all about enhancing our connectivity in an increasingly digital world.

CCH OneClick will:

  • connect us with your bookkeeping systems, allowing us to access data for both compliance and advisory services.
  • connect us to your Digital Tax Accounts with HMRC which will enable the efficient completion of tax returns.
  • allows us to connect to the entire digital ecosystem that will play an increasingly important part in your tax and accounting services.

CCH OneClick is a set of tools that delivered through two connected cloud workspaces (the Advisor Workspace and the Client Workspace) and through full integration we can ensure that all information is stored securely and is immediately accessible.

The Advisor Workspace connects us to a range of cloud tools which open up the software to other systems, complementing and enhancing the functionality. This is illustrated in the below diagrams.

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