Audit and Assurance

Whether or not you are legally required to have an audit we believe that robust and reliable financial systems are fundamental to building a business of any size. We will therefore begin our audit with a detailed review of your business processes and controls to identify risks that you face. As well as providing assurance that the numbers reported are true and fair therefore, the main output of our work is a detailed report to management outlining key improvements and efficiencies that can be made.

Pete Cattermole has several years’ experience working within one of the country’s ‘Big 4’ auditing firms and brings this experience to his audit team at CB Reid. In addition, we use the latest techniques and software to deliver a quality, cost-effective and efficient audit that provides real value to our clients.

Pete also specialises in solicitors firms, having worked with firms of all sizes (from sole practitioners to magic circle) in his career delivering audit work in accordance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority requirements.

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